Friday, October 21, 2011


Dam. En-em-nemily :) Do you remember....
  • "Focus! F-ocus. Youu can do this!"
  • When we discovered that our other roommate was a prostitute?
  • Who knew someone could eat that many peanut butter sandwiches in one sitting??
  • Or grape nuts?
  • When it was Friday the 13th and we all kneww this meant we had to watch a scary movie but we couldn't find the right one for forEVER and we got one on Amazonia or something and then we found Devil and we were scared out of our heads and we all discovered that watching scary movies inspires something very embarrassing in Nicole??
  • And that laughing only makes it worse?
  • How Sam could say this soo freaken scarily well?? "Dang....I really wanted to have you."
  • How we were afraid to go in elevators for awhile and may I just say that I am stilll afraid when people I don't know get in an elevator with me??
  • How we sucked it up and went in one after church?
  • How the morning after Jonathan Victor Lopez-Carrasco came and asked for Nicole's number in the following fashion? "Can I have your number beep BEEP beep bee boo?"
  • "You all have a trippin day." "A what?!" "Uhh....a wasted day?" "Let's just have a day."
  • How Nicole would drink away her troubles.
  • "Did you tellll himmm that you lovee himm?? Did you tell himm that you caree?? Did you tell him that you love him?!??! Did you kneel down in prayer?"
  • ....That Emily is a budding songwriter and Nicole a concert ballerina?
  • Our intervention and how beforehand we discussed things we would complain about each other in order to not make it seem like it was just about one certain person?
  • How it really REALLY was just about one certain person.
  • That stupid thing we each had to hold if we wanted to talk.
  • How Sam was too nice.
  • "Iiiiii looked out the window and what did I see? BRAD!"
  • "Is this Emily Laa....Laaa....Laaa....??" "Yes." "I was just wondering if you would like to go ballroom dancing with me this Friday night?"
  • The awkward staring during church.
  • The gross PDA couple that always seemed to sit in front of us.
  • "Pot-smoking fornicator!"
  • "And so the penguin said to the bartender, 'this is my most casual outfit!'"
  • "And I just kept hitting it and hitting it with my moccassin and it wouldn't die!"
  • How Emily eats her french fries. Aka she doesn't.
  • How Emily is very much capable of eating a whole cake.
  • And a huge bucket of KFC??
  • How Dam and En-em-nemily got Nicole a really yummy chocolate cake for her birthday because they are the best roommates EVER?? :) :)
  • When we went to the gardens at night bc we wanted to feel bad-a and it was soo fun and yet so creepy?
  • How if someone tried to rape Emily in the gardens she would run to the (not working) emergency pole and hold on for dear life?
  • And Sam would leave us all in the dust?
  • And I don't know WHAT I'd do?
  • How Sam would always seem to know when a certain person was about to come home and would race back to her room and feign sleep?
  • How Emily was sometimes just not fast enough.
  • How Nicole would lovee to live in the Gilmore Girl's Grandparents house!
  • "I think I'll trryyy defyyying gravity. And YOU WON'T bring me downnn. Bring me DOWWWNN. Oh oh OH ohhhh."
  • EVERY DAY?!?!?!?!
  • "Well, apartment 112 does family dinners on Sundays and we're like a family here so...."
  • Sunday dinners.
  • "Family" scripture study.
  • Emily's video of her listening to the Easter story and how Nicole missed it (SCORE!)
  • How we thought the other roommate was perfectly normal if a little ill upon meeting her.
  • How she was not.
  • How Nicole didn't know this until AFTER she had signed up to take a class with her.
  • "Can I borrow ______??"
  • How the school store always had Ben&Jerry's for us.
  • How Nicole can do the Cogsworth voice soo well?
  • Our loveeely quote wall :)
  • "Got thippers on your feet you prolly got thippers...."
  • The surprises we would sometimes find in the bathroom.
  • The surprising noises we would sometimes hear coming from the bathroom.
  • And they were not ashamed.
  • How we gave her the hardest white glove job to get back at her for all we had to endure that semester
  • Sons of Provo
  • "Guys, I would like to be on the Bachelorette....and send every guy home and propose to myself!"
  • "And I just kept telling her, 'Nicole, it's going to be okay. It's okay Nicole it's goinngg to be okay!"
  • Jersey Shore <3
  • There's a lotta pretTY girls in this ciTY!
  • How I am soo pleasantly surprised with how much I adored last semester's house because you two were in it?? And how I miss you so much and want to work in Florida with you and share an apartment there PLEASE???
To conclude, the song we would listen to to help Sam with her task. "Guys, I think I know what you need to hear right now...."

SHOTS shots shot shot shot SHOTS shots shot shot shot SHOTS shot shot shot shot shots EVERYBODY!

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