Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Soon I will be going back to school. I have mixed feelings about this. Allow me to discuss.

- Roommates with MERRIN!
- Neighbors to Kathy, Jessica, Rachel, Rebecca
- Kinda neighbors to Michelle and Paige (not in complex, but their buildings are close)
- Advanced International Relations with Brother Adamson and Rebekah HOLLA
- That yummy teriyaki place whose food I will be living off of while I am in Rexburg
- Poss class with Heather
- Kathy has a car!
- My crimper and cocomotion! Howww I have missed them :)
- Study sessions with Paige
- Adventures with Merrin
- My classes look sooo interesting
- Ash and Ashley are driving me up!
- Snow!

- The annoying dating/wedding craziness. I just want to learn can everyone please CALM DOWN
- It is really really cold
- It might take a minute to get adjusted back into college life
- I really have no idea what all I have over there
- Dam and En-ne-nemily aren't there 'till Spring Semester
- Neither is Julia, but it's not like it makes a difference where we are, we hardly see/speak with each other anyway
- I just want a freaken car. Oprah- Christmas present please??

But I am obsessed with this song.

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