Thursday, December 8, 2011

It is so official....

I am not going to Russia anymore. The end.

Actually I should prolly elaborate. Ehm.

I am not going to Russia because have you seennn what's going on over there?? That government is corrupt. Soo many high-ranking officials were once part of the Secret Police or other parts of the Soviet Union. The upcoming elections are a joke- a really, reallllyy bad one.

I would not feel safe if I was in Russia, and recently I have gotten an extremely bad feeling about it. So I'm not going. I would love to go one day, but first that country needs to pull itself together. There's talk of another revolution, and if that happens I hope it ends well, but we'll just have to wait and see. My Russia dream might have to wait a long time.

And that is the end.


  1. NIC why were you gonna go to Russia?!? So cool. But hey, just pick somewhere else fun to go :) I cant wait to see you so soon!

  2. ohh Caitlin I am so glad you read my blog! I was gonna go to teach kids English, but yeah totes I'm looking into other cool places too :)