Thursday, September 24, 2009

200 years ago my life would've been perfect

Yes it would've been thank you very much.

Today I came to the realization that I really should've been born 200 years ago, in the 1800s. Oh but Nicole back then they didn't have facebook or education for girls or toilets or air conditioning or cars or tv or WAIT!!!!

I don't care.

Okay, I love being a girl don't get me wrong. And I think women's rights are fantastic my hat is off to those feminists who worked so hard to get us rights. You guys (oops! girls :)) rock. Really.

But sometimes I find myself aching for those days.

Honestly, how bad does sitting around in a pretty dress, going to balls with GENTLEMEN, being helped out of carriages, wearing pretty gloves and glittering jewelry sound?? Because right now that sounds WONDERFUL to me.

Maybe it's the fact that college aps and senior year are taking up my entire everything and I hate the fact that I have so much crap to do and so much depending on my every grade and score that I would leap at the chance to have no other responsibilities than to be pretty and get married.


So I was thinking about this and here is how I picture my life (and my friends lives) if we lived 200 years ago....

A Duchess. As the third daughter in a family of 7 children I would have to endeavor to be as breath-takingly beautiful as possible so that I could marry well as to not be a burden to my parents.
I would spend much of my time in the library reading about history and riding my horse, Snowflake (who is actually a black Arabian). My firm opinions and stubbornness would send the Ton (the most important members of British society) into a tizzy, but I have a feeling my 1800 aristocrat self would not care.

I was gonna make Seul a Korean Princess, but then I realized that if I did that then we wouldn't know each other cause I would be in England and she'd be in Korea. So I'm slightly lowering her status and making her the daughter of the Ambassador of Korea.
The fact that she is from the Orient would attract much attention and she would have a very adventurous life because there would be many kidnapping attempts on her in order for various bad guys to force Korea into different agreements. But never fear, for Julia and I would make sure she is not touched.
Seul would be the expert on dresses. We would all go to the same dressmaker and bring Seul along with us in order to get the best, most fashion-forward dresses. Many trends would be set by Seul.
Seul's romantic tendencies would make her the most fun to discuss our various suitors with, and I can only imagine how hilarious it would be to hear her describe anything from her first dance in her coming-out Season, to her awkward carriage-ride with one of her many admirers.

My sister. She would be ridiculously popular because she's so pretty. Her dresses would always be either green, blue, or red (the colors that look most stunning on her). Her sweet way with children would attract the most sensitive boy and they would become engaged before the end of her first Season.

Julia would be the Belle of the Ball. She is soo gorgeous and it would be difficult to visit her especially during the Season because of all her callers.
I think Julia would absolutely die if she lived back in the 1800s because of all the art opportunities. Julia's family would live on a large estate to the west of my family's estate and she would spend much of her time painting the beautiful, scenic views.
Julia would be one of those girls that would never ride a horse and would prefer to keep her feet firmly planted on a carriage floor.
It would take awhile to sort out the good, worthwhile guys from the bad ones, and so Julia would not marry until she was at least 20.

Our closest guy friend. Ben would be a distinguished Duke and if ever we were having a very distressing time at a ball, he would instantly notice and step in and make us feel better.
Ben would be the epitome of a gentleman, and we would all be very grateful to have him around. Ben would be an expert horseback rider and would participate in very dangerous horseraces that would upset Seul, Julia, and I and we would refuse to go to them.
Even though education of girls was not allowed Ben would secretly teach us mathematics and fill us in on the latest in politics and science. We would have a secret place in a stable that would lie on the borders between Julia's and my estates where we would meet for our lessons.
Ben would be simply the nicest suitor and he would always bring us gifts from his many travels as a Duke. He would find the perfect girl and marry her at the age of 26.

Ketty would be another beauty of the orient. Her sweet attitude would melt many hearts, and she too would experience many suitors. However Ketty would not marry until 23 because she would wait for her true love.
Although Ketty would not mind riding horses she would usually find herself in a carriage because her parents thought that was the best way to attract gentlemen.
Ketty would sometimes attend our secret lessons, and when she wasn't there she would be concentrating very hard on refining her harp playing and cross-stitchery.
Ketty would sing many songs from her native land and would be asked to perform on a semi-regular basis.
She would be a personal favorite of the Queen of England, and would receive many wonderful gifts from her majesty.

Veronica would be an accomplished pianist and would grace such places as Buckingham Palace with her lovely music. Veronica's happy smile and kind nature would make her a very good public figure.
Veronica's unique interest in giraffes would be very well known and, in an attempt to woo her many young men would buy her peacocks, because they were cheaper and easier to transport. Because of her immense popularity the party invitations and suitor callings would reach ridiculous numbers, and often times Vee would find solace in her peacock field. However, one day a peacock would attack her and Veronica would spend the next three months giving out peacocks to anyone who remotely looked like they wanted one.
Her heart would be stolen by the one guy who knew that she could never be satisfied with a garden of peacocks. Her true love would surprise her with two giraffes (a boy and a girl) and then propose. Of course Veronica would accept and they would live happily ever after with their steadily increasing giraffe herd. How romantic!

Gina would be a crowd favorite. Her peacemaking attitude would ease many tensions not just among friends but also internationally. Gina would single-handedly halt an attempt on the Queen of England's life simply by smiling and speaking practically to the bad-guys. Thank goodness :)
Gina's love of animals would lead her to Nicole's estate and often the two could be found riding their horses (Gina's named Midnight, and a white Arabian) or else cooking up some very unhealthy foods and bringing them to their closest friends.
Out of all the girls Gina would be the most free and she was often just wherever she wanted to be and her parents were perfectly fine with that.
Gina would be very rich and she would have a huge inheritance awaiting her once she came of age. Gina would have many men seeking her hand, but she would not be swept away by their foolish talk. Gina would finally end up marrying a dashing knight who would save her one day from being run over by one of Veronica's giraffes.

Anyway so I have many more people to add to this but I have a ton of homework and studying to do so I'm cutting myself off. Although I prolly won't be able to resist and will undoubtedly end up here again tonight.

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