Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today I went to qdoba for the first time and it was very fun. I went with Gina and originally it was just Gina and I and Veronica but by the end we had met a series of people that we both knew before and some who we met just today.

So we were sitting there and this group of three girls comes up and they were like, hey can we sit with you? and I honestly didnt know how to respond because it was just so random to me. Gina recovered before I did and we pushed some tables together. Their names were Kristen, Kelly, and I wanna say Katie haha but thats prolly wrong :P.

Anyway so then Jenna and Sabrina came and Jenna knows Kirsten and Katie but i dunno bout Kelly and then lots of their friends came and said hi and Vee knew most of them from middle school and this guy Mike sat with us and then Thane and Kaylie (ehh i dk if thats right =/) and then Sam and Peter were eating at Pei Wei and they came and chatted for a few minutes and Chels and her little sister showed up and in the end it was much bigger than three people :)

And it was just so fun to meet new people because I feel like as a senior there arent really new people. Like a couple scattered but really its just the same people that you've known since middle school or elementary school or freshman year. I first realized this in my math class and it kinda made me sad.

But then we made three new friends today and it was very fun :) And apparently we're going to the movies on Monday to see Love Happens and I'm super excitedd.

But anyway those girls were such a good example to me of courage because they were just like, hey you look nice lets eat and talk together. And Kirsten was talking about religion and it was very interesting to hear other peoples beliefs. And then at the end we all held hands and said a prayer and I said it.

That was the second time I've done a public prayer with friends who are not Mormon so far this school year. The last time was a couple weeks ago after a marching competition and a group of us went to this Mexican restaurant whose name I will not say for fear of butchering it :) And we were all saying little private prayers and then someone was like, lets say a group prayer and David Shea said it. Just a few months ago I would've been too nervous to do that, but I'm realizing more and more how important religion and prayer is in the lives of my classmates and it's bringing out a whole unknown side of them that I like.

Lessons learned today....
~ qdoba is supergood for meeting new people
~ music department people are attracted to other music department people. Seriously like, I swear every single person there was in the music department
~ Religion is important to my classmates! :)
~ qdoba is very yummy and filling

What a good day :)

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