Sunday, September 20, 2009

My phone has been taken. Again.

Well I can't say I'm surprised.

It seems like it is a favorite game of certain individuals to see how many times they can take my phone. The winner gets the cold shoulder from me and the loser works extra hard to become the winner, if that makes sense. Oh wait.

It doesnt.

This time it was because I started the new Seminary year and, because of various all-nighters (welcome senior year..i thought you werent supposed to be hard) i have missed three days of seminary so far.

What. A. Crime.

All I can say is that when this happens it does not make me want to improve or be a better person. It makes me defiant and angry and I plan on doing exactly the opposite of what the bad guys (the phone-takers) want me to do.

My best friend Julia says that I'm stubborn but that it's a good thing in some situations. Thank you Julia. And may I add to that that having a backbone of unrelenting steel is better than having no backbone at all.

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