Monday, September 28, 2009


aka David, Allie, Nicole.

For the opening set of our marching band show I stand in a line with David Shea and Allie Warrick. At the beginning of the show we have this 48 count hold and it gets reallyy boring. So a long time ago Allie and I started this game where we shoot each other with our instruments. It is so fun. A couple weeks ago David shot Allie just as she was about to finish me off for good, so in gratitude I gave him superpowers. And he has been invincible ever since.

Sometimes Allie and I decide to gang up on David, but then I remember that I shouldn't be doing that because David is my ally. So then I have to give him more and more superpowers to make up for his near-death experiences. Sometimes we all band together and David has to give both Allie and I superpowers.

Through it all Allie and I can't help but get the vibe that David is kinda ashamed to be seen playing such an immature game. So we have decided to show everyone in the world that he secretly is weird too.

We have a plan. The next time we are all in marching band Allie and I are going to do a tribal dance around him while giving him magical powers and everyone will see. Hehe :)

So anyway that is one of the things that keeps me going to marching band.

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