Saturday, September 19, 2009

Football Games Halftime = Craziness

So yesterday we had a football game, and as a member of the marching band (I play piccolo) of course I had to attend because we do the half-time show. We have been working insanely much on this show and I was anxious to see how it would work out on grass because our practice field is on gravel.

So before I tell this tragic story I should prolly give a bit of background on the show. It's about the course of an empire. It starts out with life just beginning and we have fake trees and everything. Then civilization starts and the trees are replaced with buildings and everyone is happy. We get an emperor who is our junior drum major, Ryan. However, our emperor becomes corrupt and finally war breaks out and there is desolation and destruction and our buildings topple and collapse. But!! there is hope. And that's when it ends.
Oh and let me just take this time to thank my friends for still being my friends after seeing me in my marching uniform which makes me feel like the most unattractive person in the world. Thanks <3
Anyway so in the show there's this part where the pics cut down a tree (not a real tree silly) and we put it behind the back-drop and then run back to our spots while the colorguard (omg it is so pathetic how long it took me to figure out how to spell color) puts up a building where the tree just was. So as I said before, it was our first time on grass with our tree and plus Aria wasnt there but I don't think any of us really thought that would be a problem.
Oh. My. Gosh.

So there are five pics who take down the tree. Zoe, MiRae, Stephanie, me, and Aria, and we get to the tree in that order. So our system is that Zoe will take the tree off it's platform and MiRae will grab it and we will pass it back until Steph, me, and Aria have it and we three are in charge of putting it behind the back-drop while MiRae and Zoe run back to join the band. So I'm running over to the tree and as usual Zoe is getting it down and all is well. Then suddenly MiRae falls on her butt and the tree bashes down on Steph's head TWICE and she's pathetically saying "oww!! oh that hurt" and Mr. Masachio (our student teacher) is telling us to leave the tree and he'll take care of it and just get to our spots because we are late.
Late we were. Steph and I ran over to our spots and we finally got back into the swing of things. Everything would've been okay if it weren't for the fact that we have to deal with all that again later.
Later in the show Ketty (another pic), MiRae, Aria, and I take the column (it's on a platform with wheels) and we roll it back from 12 behind the Front Sideline to 12 behind the Hash. All I can say is it's not that difficult on gravel.
Ketty's and my job is to grab the rope and pull while MiRae and Aria are supposed to make sure the column doesn't topple over but since Aria wasn't there it was just MiRae. So Ketty and I are running and MiRae is freaking out because its so ridiculously bumpy and the column is about to fall over any second and of course we were late again and we ran through the drumline who were like, what the heck are the piccolos doing over here?? ughh so bad.
And as much as we might want this to be a distant memory have no doubt that we will be able to access it anytime we want from youtube when they put it up so we can watch it as a band and evaluate our performance.
Anyway so after that we have third quarter to ourselves so I hung out with Liz (drumline), Julia (clarinet), Seul (pic), Ben, and Pat (melophones). And Liz sang this wonderful song that goes like this, "Because we jsut touched (touched) awkwardly. Was that weird for you like it was weird for me?" I love. that. song. Other course of events included multiple people being asked to Homecoming by Ben, Seul being asked to Homecoming by Pat, me being asked to Homecoming by Julia, and Liz being asked to Homecoming by me. By the end of the night the dates stood at Ben+ nobody, Julia+ nobody, Pat+ he-wishes-it-were-Seul, and Liz+Me+JASON MRAZ. Seul and Julia are insaneely jealous :)
So I would have to say that the football game was quite productive.

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