Friday, September 25, 2009

The Adventures of Heather and Nicole

Okay so, two years ago my older sister Heather was a senior and I was a sophomore and we had adventures together :)

One such adventure occurred one day after school. As usual I was settled down, doing my homework, when I heard a pathetic "Heeelpp! Oh please! Heeeelpp!" As usual. I got up and trudged up the stairs and into Heather's room. As usual.

"Nicole," Heather asked sweetly. "Could you get me a s'mores bar and an italian ice?" Not an emergency at all. As usual.

"But Heather," I groaned. "What is so hard about getting up yourself and getting it?" I naively asked. As usual.

Heather's face immediately took on a pathetically hopeless and sad expression. "But...please Nicole. I need you to. Please! I simply can't do it." As usual.

I sighed. "You know, what you need is a freezer just for you in your room so you don't ever have to bother me again."

Heather blinked. This was not usual. Usually I would be down in the kitchen, getting the Princess her italian ice and s'mores granola bar, not pointing out that a personal freezer would do her some good.

Heather recovered and instantly went back to her sad face. "But Nicole, I don't have my own freezer..But at least I have you!" She beamed and I rolled my eyes.

"Heather, maybe you don't have a freezer, but we do. In the basement we have that mini fridge. Heather!" A plan was forming in my head. "That's it! We will take that freezer and hide it in here. No one uses it anyway."

Heather's eyes were bright with excitement and I took that as encouragement. "Mom and Dad aren't home! We have to act NOW if you ever want your own freezer."

"Let's do it!" Heather exclaimed. We bounded down the stairs to the main floor and then down more stairs to the basement, our eyes scheming and broad smiles forming on our faces. Heather's happiness was derived from the idea of endless italian ices and s'mores easily at her disposal, and mine from the prospect at never having to hear Heather's plaintive wails for more italian ice and still more s'mores granola bars.

It was like Christmas had come early.

Once in the basement we wasted no time in extracting the mini fridge from its proper place and beginning our ascent up what was basically Mount Everest. After several minutes of puffing and pushing and lifting we finally made it to the first floor. With the end in sight we practically ran up to Heather's room, where we were faced with our next dilemma.

"Now where do we hide it?" Heather panted.

We finally decided on the back corner of her room inconspicuously inside a box filled with blankets and pillows and many random things like binders and stuffed animals and textbooks and markers all with a large blanket on top.

We are masters at disguise.

We then proceeded to fill it with all the italian ice a girl could ever ask for, and place a box of s'mores granola bars close by. Heather was set for life.

Our final task was placing a decoy minifridge in the basement in order to not arose suspicion. A large bin flipped long-side-up fit the bill, and although it was the most obvious thing in the world that it was not a mini fridge we didn't think it would be a problem.

All that evening I expected our parents to announce that our mini fridge had been stolen, but it never happened and we went to bed giggling to ourselves at our parents cluelessness.

The next morning Heather and I were getting ready for school when our father announced gravely that should a policeman come we were to direct him downstairs because our mini fridge was gone. Heather and I exchanged looks of shock and sadness but encouraged our father to let it go.

"There will be other mini fridges, Dad." I said consolingly.

"All the same, a policeman is coming to investigate. This is a serious crime girls." And our father fixed us with a serious look accordingly.

Heather's and my sad faces immediately changed to slightly panicked looks and we silently agreed to come clean.

"Heather took the mini fridge!" I blurted.

Heather's mouth fell open. "Excuse me. We both took it..but it was Nicole's idea."

"Only because you're always-"

Our argument was interrupted by the sound of laughter. We found the source down the stairs on the landing. Our Dad. "We knew it was you two. I was just kidding about the police."

Heather and I exchanged sheepish grins. Friends again.

"But really," Dad continued. You need to return it."

And thus ended the happiest days of Heather's life and the most peaceful days of Nicole's.

And things went back to usual.

Coming up!

Nicole and Heather don't let locked doors stop them! A look into how the sisters get into their home when those pesky locks get in the way.

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  1. best blog entry ever!!!! i was thoroughly entertained. you are quite a talented little writer. the only thing that would make it better is if you wrote a story about an adventure with me!! haha.