Monday, September 21, 2009

I am not a nerd..I promise

I have been informed that I sound kinda nerdy here. Well never fear I am not a nerd in the slightest so hopefully this will not be a problem anymore.

Alright so I was gonna make a list of things that are stressing me out but they all have to do with school so I can't talk about them in my goal to avoid nerdy topics.

Okay so awhile ago I mentioned that Liz was singing a simply fabulous song. The "We just touched awkwardly" song. In conclusion I think this is the most wonderful song in the world so here is a link so that everyone can enjoy it.

Ohmigoshhhhh I give in to my nerdiness! I am such a nerd! I have been sitting here waiting for a non-nerdy idea to come into my head and it's just never happening. So I guess I have nothing more to say here.

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