Monday, January 30, 2012

Advanced Theory of International Relations

As a matter of fact, this class is kicking my butt. However, I am slowly getting the hang of it. Today though, was prolly my favorite class thus-far. Was it because I had diagrammed both of the articles before class and got it kinda almost right? No. Was it because Brother Adamson let us out 15 minutes early? No. Was it because he told us more stories about his old singles ward?


Brother Adamson had the BEST Singles Ward. It seems like a lot of the characters frommm Singles Ward were based off of the people in this particular war, because they are all so crazy and ridiculous-sounding. I laugh sooo hard whenever he graces us with a story from this crazy time of his life.

Today he told us about Stephanie. Stephanie was this beautiful girl, and all these boys liked her. Brother Adamson had taken her on a few dates, when she went on a date with this other kid. She really only did it to see how Brother Adamson would react. He played it cool. "Have fun," he told her.

Later in church, Brother Adamson was sitting next to Stephanie. It was Fast Sunday, so this young man got up to bear his testimony. He told the congregation, on no uncertain terms, that he had gotten confirmation from the Spirit that "Stephanie. in the sixth row!" was supposed to be his wife. Stephanie turned bright red. 

The kid next to me leaned over and said, "Stephanie should've gotten up and said, 'I have received revelation that I am not supposed to marry this man. Amen.' " Through-out our class everyone was making little jokes like that.

And guess what? Stephanie did not marry that man, she married Brother Adamson. And I will tell you thatt story later.

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