Monday, January 16, 2012

Dear couples at BYU-I

Please stop roaming around the BYU-I Center and going up to paintings that are righttt next to my study space and being all affectionate. Excuse me. Stop now.

Dear bad parent,
You need to go to a Parenting 101 class. No, it is not okay to leave your screaming infant on the floor and simply sit there while she looks at you and cries her eyes out. Pick her up, walk her around, get her outta our study space. Also, those weird slobber-y sounds you make while trying to comfort her do not seem to be working. Stop it.

Dear girl on the phone in the Hinckley study space,
Hang up or move. I am about to chuck that phone down the mountain.

Dear wind,
No one likes you. Go away.
PS- Sometimes, you come at the worst times. Like on Sunday, when all us girls are dressed up all cute. I mean, it's slightly okay now, bc we're all wearing leggings, but honestly you just suck and no one wants you around. Seriously. Go to Iowa or something.

Dear Merrin,
Why, yes, I would lovee to watch Beauty and the Beast with you tonight! I knew you were an awesome roommate!

Dear Tara,
Thankk you for joining us! I know this will help you get better. Disney is healing.

Dear future children,
You are allowed to watch Disney classics, Winnie the Pooh (particularly Pooh's Grand Adventure. I LOVE that movie!), and Arthur. None of that dumb Barney and Care bears (I mean Telly-tubbies. Whatever) business. I remember being a really lil kid and going over to my friend's house and theyy were watching Barney and then even then I distinctly remember thinking "wow, this is dumb." And if a two-year old thinks that Barney is dumb....?? Wellll out of the mouths of babes, people. Take the hint and shut that franchise DOWN.

Dear Selena,
YOU SAID DOLPHIN I KNOW YOU DID (yes, I as a matter of fact am still listening to that song from the previous post. Whatever stop judging me.)

Dear Disney,
I would love to work for you. I was told just last week that I should be a Disney Princess! I mean, yes, I do get this quite often, but it never looses it's shine. It is sooo flattering! I'm glad I so emulate such a wonderful place! But. Should I work in Disney World or Disney Land?? Pros and Cons list and GO!
Disney Land
    1. I kinda would love to experience a few months in California. No humidity?! Whhaaattt?? Yes.
    2. Also, I know a missionary in Anaheim! So even though I would prolly never see him, it is nice to know that there is someone around who can help you if something bad happens!
    1. Said missionary says that Disney Land looks pretty lame. He even drew a picture and yeah, it does look a lil on the lame side. However (I totes spelled that "hoever" just now. Hahahaaa I wanna start using that.), I am preetty good at making things un-lame. I know I would have fun if I worked there.
    2. But back to the bad stuff! It is on the west coast, so I couldn't see my family.
Disney World
    1. EAST COAST! It is Disney World, hellooo?? My ultimate dream
    2. Heather worked there :)
    3. Sam and Emily might come with me?!?!
    4. Chelsea lives in Florida :)
    5. My family could visit me :)
    6. I would get TAN! If Heather can do it, so can I!
    1. Honestly can't think of anything, except for it's not in California and again, I kinda want to live there for a few months.
    2. Oh yeah. Humidity.

Hmm. This is far from settled. Let's discuss it later.

Dear nutella,
You are so wonderful.

Dear decisions,
Sometimes, you are really difficult to deal with. I am just saying.

Dear lil guy,
I miss you terribly! Every day.

Dear BYU-I,
I am soo glad I don't have school tomorrow! I don't think you should necessarily be insulted, I juust don't feel like dealing with you. Whatever.

Dear snow!
I am glad you are here :)

Dear Gina,
bestfriend! I am soo sad we are not at the same school and not even on the same coast! Take care of Zachary for me.

Dear cute boy in my math class who likes Brittany,
DO NOT GIVE UP! We are all cheering for you :)

Dear boy who keeps trying to sabotage Brittany and Cute Guy,
STOP IT! We are all mad at you.
PS- You are very attractive. Please be my friend.

Dear word "sabotage,"
Who knew you were spelled like that?

Dear grammar police,
Is it "spelled" or "spelt" for the above sentence?? And is "spelt" even a word? Because the red squiggly lines don't seem to think so.

Dear random guy who was walking by,
I'm sorry I jumped like, five feet in the air when I saw you. It's not like you look like a monster or anything, in fact I'm sure you are very attractive. However, my roommate had just told me that someone was screaming bloody murder outside, so when I was peeking out I was honestly expecting a serial killer. Sorry. I'm glad for both of us that you're not.

Dear new apartment,
I like you. You are pretty and nice and open.

Dear beautiful, clean room,
I am so glad that you are so attractive! Keep this way and we will be friends forever.

Dear 56 mountains I have to climb in order to get to the Ricks and Hinckley,
Level down. I am not kidding. I hate you.

Dear Orville,
Iloveyouuu :) You are my best friend!

Dear Rude,
Umm....actually my Tinker Bell pajama pants are cute, unlike your fake accent. Whhaaattt??


  1. i miss you tooo:( Let's skype after I move back to school:)

  2. yes! We must! I miss you a lot a lot!