Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brittany is very sought after

Today I made a friend! Her name is Brittany. She is in my stats class. This is very exciting bc I have always wanted to have a friend named Brittany, but all the Brittanys I have known have been very mean and scary. This Brittany is not any of those things :)

I actually made friends with her on the first day of class, which was a week ago. She invited me to sit next to her, but I declined bc I was saving a seat for my friend. Too late I realized that there were two open seats next to her, and as I gathered my stuff to move, this hunk of human flesh plopped down next to her. I was a lil sad, but mostly happy for her. After all, he looks like this


Every class this kid (who we shall call Cute Wasian) sits next to her. He is adamant about this seating arrangement, but today it was challenged. By a guy who looks like this


So this guy (we'll call him Captain America) is kinda a trouble-maker. He has tried to challenge couples in our class before. There was this so beautiful couple that sat next to each other on the first day and noww they don't sit together and it's all bc THAT GUY sat in-between them last time (at least, Chelsea and I think it was him). So now the cute guy and the pretty girl (who would look like this if they were a couple....


don't sit next to each other. He sat behind her. And she glanced back all these times like whyy isn't he sitting next to me?? I know she's sad. It hurts me for her :(


So Cute Wasian always comes in like, right before the class starts. Today Captain America walked in righttt in front of him, and this is where it gets intense.

They look around the room. They spot Brittany. They hurry over, Captain America in the lead. He is literally moments away from slipping into the seat next to her. He looks down and smiles, and I can see the words "can I sit here?" forming on his mouth. I whack Chelsea. This is how we looked, btws.


So he's about to ask and then WHAM! Cute Wasian knocks him out of the way! Not really that extreme- he was really smooth. He didn't even give Captain America time to talk, he just kinda nudged him all innocently like, scoot over, man, I wanna sit in this row too. Captain America and Cute Wasian have a mini stare-off- it is literally a quarter second long. But this is what was said in it....

Captain America: What are you doing, man? Can't you see I'm tryna score here?
Cute Wasian: There is no way. I have this spot re-served.
Nicole and Chelsea: Captain America, haven't you ruined the future of enough couples in this class?! MOVE!
Chelsea: Come sit with me! *flashes her "come hither" look. It does not work. Weirddd*
Captain America: I was here first.
Cute Wasian: I'm not messing around man, move over. Or do I need to whip out my black belt?

That seems to have done it. Captain America plops dejectedly down on the next seat over and Cute Wasian slides into the chair that's next to Brittany, to tumultuous applause from Chelsea and I and I'm sure the rest of the class. This is what we looked like

Hooray for happy endings! And hooray for Brittany, who, as you can tell, is very, very sought after.

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  1. Heather and I are CRYING from laughing SO HARD. I am now following for eternity.