Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rude anddd I hope you fail

Today I walked into my Intro to Criminal Justice class. We have a test today. It was postponed from Tuesday bc I guess we hadn't covered everything yet. Also on Tuesday our class was a lil distracted because L. Tom Perry was here. Our teacher is head of campus security, so he got to meet him and everything!

My friend Amber and I sat down and I joked that I hoped that our teacher was spending time with L. Tom Perry today so that class would be cancelled and no test when the girl across the aisle from us was like, "Oh no I wanna get this over with."

Well, welcome to the conversation.

I looked at her desk and saw, with much excitement, that she had flash cards. Last minute study sesh and go! "You have flash cards?!" I exclaimed in awe. "Why are you so awesome?"

I beamed, my mouth filling up with an invitation for her to study with us in the future, when she said, very loudly and rudely, "Because that's what you DO when you have a test! You study." Heads turned as people in the class looked for the source of the yelling. She looked dismissively at my desk, which was clear and flash card-less.

An uncharacteristically irritated look crossed my face. People are not usually rude to me, and when they are I usually let them keep going, bc I know it will make a hilarious story later. In order for them to continue digging their own grave, I let a neutral, sometimes even pleasant look mask my face. Sometimes I can't even help a smile, because I am just imagining making fun of them later. This time, however, I was so caught off guard by this loud, rude, obnoxiously prideful girl that my face gave away my irritation. I glanced over at Amber, who giggled uneasily and widened her eyes in surprise at her abrupt, unclassy manner.

The girl busied herself with her beloved flashcards which are undoubtedly her best friends, bc what else but inanimate objects would stick around this shrill brat? She looked over at me, someehow expecting me to grace her sass with a response. "Well," I said dryly, clearly communicating my annoyance at her lack of social skills.

I immediately got out my lap top to write this down, and chatted with Amber while we waited for class to start. Another girl came in and sat in front of Rude Girl. She expressed her nervousness for the test. Rude Girl scoffed and said, "I am so ready. I studied sooo much."

Well gooo-d for you!

This post may seem over-dramatic, but I don't think so. Subtle, rude moments are something I have been noticing a lot more recently, whether they are directed at me (not usually), or someone around me (usually). They are not acceptable. Being rude for no good reason to two adorable classmates just reeks of something deeper, but whatever that underlying problem is it does not justify loud voices at innocent strangers. She is unprofessional, self-righteous, and mean spirited, and I hope I never have to endure another interaction with her ever again.

Oh, and a little more about her character....when our teacher was handing out the test and giving last-minute tips and instructions, she kept telling him to shut-up under her breath. Over and over again. This is stupid because it is rude, and also if she wants silence she shouldn't be talking.

Also, at the beginning of class our teacher came in and talked for a moment about the weather. It is snowing today so of course I am happy. He commented on this and Rude Girl let out a disgusted noise. Of course she hates snow. She's an abomination.


  1. hahaha "she's an abomination" is my favorite part of this post. what a brat! if someone in my class was rude to me and then kept saying "shut up" under her breath while the teacher was talking, i would loudly say, "why do you keep saying 'shut up?'" and then she would look like an idiot. and my mission would be accomplished. :)

  2. you are AWESOME! I want you to come with me to class so I can show her to you and we can all call her out on her rudeness. seriously reminds me of that awful girl ted went on a date with in how i met your mother and then she was sooo mean and so he tried the naked man on her!