Monday, January 16, 2012

I must comment

Michelle's cousins are visiting, and I love them so I am quite happy. Last night we were driving home one of their friends and Sarah blasted this song....

and I promptly made it number one on Nicole radio. But okay, at 1:17ish doesn't it sound like she says "cool....dolphin"??


Also, this song is slightly reminiscent of A*teens, and you know that makes me happy.

I LOVE THIS SONG. I do I do I doo! Perhaps I am a summer girl after all....

Just kidding. Maybe I would be if I didn't look so freaken adorable in knit hats with pom poms on the top. Or if, I dunno, I could get tan?! It is so not fair that I used to be able to get so tan when I was little. It's not like anyone cares when you're five that you look like a bronze goddess. I guess it's okay that the only color my skin turns is pink, red, very red, and lobster.


And I'm listening to it again (bc I'm listening to it constantly. Whatever.) and she DEFINITELY says "dolphin" there! I knew it.

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