Monday, January 16, 2012

I think I'm missing Maryland

because I keep wanting to watch the dances from the Step Up series. I always feel like I'm back in Maryland when I watch them, which a little bit is weird bc it's not like I ever saw anything like it all my years there. However, it does take place in Maryland, and you know the dance crew in the second one? The 410? That's an area code in Maryland! Maybe that's why they have it as their name?? More on them later. This is the opening scene in the first movie....

So epic! And this is the final dance....

OMG can Channing Tatum get any hotter?? NO! The answer is no, he cannot.

And now for the 410!

Look how cool they are! However, I am superglad this never happened while I was on the metro, but I think this is Baltimore anyway and not DC.

Anyway. My favorite character in all of the movies is Moose.

Isn't he adorable?? Yes. We are getting married in the Fall. Also I love his part in this one (starting at about 3 minutes in)....

Seriously so awesome.

I love these movies.

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